Thinking of Buying Some Property in the Mountains

My brother and I went out to the mountains this weekend and looked at a log cabin up there. It was about twenty minutes out of Asheville and pretty close to a couple of the ski resorts. The cabin was in a sorry state and it was not really that big of a part of the sales pitch. The land was what was for sale. That was about forty acres. Most of it was forested, but part of it had been used for Christmas tree farming. I talked to a guy who does tree removal in Asheville NC about some of the trees which would have to go if we bought the land. Of course if we took out the Christmas trees, that would make it pretty easy and anyone could manage that. The rest of it is a really big problem for any person who does not have real ability in the field. I can cut down any tree, but only if there is nothing in the way and that is hardly ever the case. In this case you would be clearing a place to build a house out of a forested area. So any place you drop the tree you are going to have a dozen other trees in the way. The last thing you want is to get the top half of one tree caught up in another tree. They call that a widow maker, because it is hard to know when it is going to come down. When it does it is going to be a real problem for anything or any person who is in it’s way. So you have to go up the tree and cut out the top of it piece by piece. Of course that is a dangerous job, especially for an amateur.