How to Find Bed Bugs

I spent the day learning how to figure out if you have bed bugs or not. That is a big deal to my boss. He has a boutique hotel on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and the last thing that he wants is for one of this guests to go on the Internet and tell the world that he has bed bugs. That would really ruin your business. So when someone checks out we look the room over and if we find them we have a guy who does pest control in NYC. At any rate you need a black light to detect the bed bugs, or an ultraviolet light source. I have a flashlight and a magnifying glass which I use. You can look for the signs of their activity too. They bite people obviously and that leaves a blood stain, albeit a very small one that you could easily mess. They also leave their poop on the bed. So far I have not really found anything, but the idea is to be vigilant and make sure you catch them before it becomes a full blown infestation. So you check every room as soon as the guest has checked out. You have to remember that every person who walks in the place could have them hitching a ride on him or on the luggage they carry with them. Obviously you want to be sure that you do not spread them to the other rooms. It is a very quick time between when you have a few of these things and when you have thousands upon thousands of them. So you want to find them and take the steps needed to get rid of them as soon as you possibly can. That way the pest control people have a very manageable job.