Gaining a Diverse Selection of Skills

I’ve been installing shower doors in Union County NJ for about a week now. Looking for a new job in this market has been surprisingly easy, especially considering the fact that I have very little experience in construction work. Despite this, my new boss has been more than willing to help me. He’s given me near free run in multiple projects which has allowed me to practice my skills while focusing on those that I feel I need to work on. On top of this he makes suggestions as to what I should work on as well and the combination of these approaches has been huge in helping me gain understanding.

I would have never predicted that I would be doing this sort of work. The vast majority of the type of work I’ve done in the past has always been technical, electronics or customer service. Before, I would have considered my skill at working with my hands fair at best. I was always apprehensive whenever approaching a project that would require that sort of technical know how but ever since I’ve begun working here I’ve improved drastically. It’s been worth the struggle to be honest as I’ve learned quite a bit.

Still, I don’t see myself working in this gig forever. I want to be able to branch out, yes, but I don’t see myself doing construction for too long. I’d like to go into security systems, I think, and explore that. I’d like to be able to approach the design of a home from multiple angles. This way I can see a bigger picture from each angle that is necessary when building or designing a home. Everything from installing the shower doors to incorporating the security system! Who knows what sort of work I’d be able to score with that kind of experience.