A Horse is Not a Pet

With Churchill Downs being just a stone’s throw away, the topic of horse racing, racehorse trainers and everything horses is a subject that is inescapable come Derby time. The city is saturated in it and yet there are few people you can even consider an expert on the subject. It’s a shame because horses are awesome creatures; I grew up with them to some extent myself. For five years I went to a camp that was all about learning how to care for a horse, riding horses and camping out with them in the wilds. It was such a fun, exploratory time as a kid.

As I grew older I lost interest in horses. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still fun to ride but to actually own one and to have to care for one is more than an expensive venture. It’s not like having a pet – looking at a horse like you might a dog in the context of what you need to provide it with to care for is the wrong approach that I have seen several people make. If you don’t have land of your own, you’ll have to find a place in order to stable it.

Stabling a horse alone is going to set you back a few hundred a month, not to mention the food and the tools that you need to help care for the horse. If you don’t plan on riding often you’ll just have a horse which is not getting the proper exercise it needs. Horses have to be ridden, exercised and given plenty of space to move in. They can’t just stand in a stable all day long without ever getting out. Do everyone a favor; if you just want a pet, get a dog. Or a cat. I hear cat’s are great. But stay away from horses.